Join The Team

At whatever level you are joining the Firm, Zoe, Akyea & Co. is the place to be.


High-quality work and training are the hallmarks of our pupillage programme at Zoe, Akyea & Co. Our primary goal is for all our pupils to succeed and as such we have developed a well-structured and challenging pupillage programme.

How to Apply

Zoe, Akyea & Co. accepts applications on a rolling basis; however, successful applicants typically apply to the Firm prior to receiving their qualifying results from the Ghana School of Law.

Professional Staff

Since our founding, our Firm has remained committed to professionalism and excellence. We have built a team of experienced professionals who are knowledgeable and dedicated to supporting each other and the Firm’s strategic plans.


At Zoe, Akyea & Co., we offer an innovative internship program that combines practical, theoretical, and in-depth work experience with targeted professional development and training.

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