Client Care and Service Standards

Our Commitment & Service Standards

We are committed to providing our clients with first-rate, specialist legal services through lawyers with the highest reputation for advocacy, legal knowledge, and professional standards. In addition, our support staff offer professional support services, ensuring that all matters are dealt with to the highest standards.

Zoe, Akyea & Co. will grant independent, honest, sound, and strategic legal advice geared towards resolving legal issues and securing successful outcomes.

We are committed to thinking creatively, proactively, and intelligently about legal problems, and we offer innovative solutions in line with our client’s key objectives. We develop a case plan for each matter based on the law and our client’s business strategy.

This Firm aims to resolve our client’s legal needs and become instrumental partners contributing to each client’s success. We will always combine our technical excellence and immense effort to achieve our client’s goals.

Zoe, Akyea & Co. has a zero-tolerance policy for the giving, soliciting, or receiving of bribes or other forms of corruption, at any time and in all circumstances. The Firm is committed to granting its clients impartial and unbiased advice free of constraints imposed by the influence of any third parties.

Our lawyers and professional staff are fully cognisant of the duty to keep the affairs of each client confidential, and we will maintain strict confidentiality concerning the matters on which we have been instructed.

Zoe, Akyea & Co. is professionally managed, using efficient and effective administrative procedures and systems, including applicable contemporary technology that enables us to deliver the best legal services for our clients. We also maintain a network of public and private sector strategic partners in a plethora of areas, both locally and internationally.

These commitments and service standards enable us to deliver our legal services effectively and facilitate smooth business for our clients.

We at Zoe, Akyea & Co. are excited at the prospect of being your long-term legal partners.

Availability, Communication & Responsiveness

We are primarily able to accept instructions or briefs at any time between the hours of 08:30 and 19:00, Monday to Friday.

Outside regular business hours and on weekends, we are available to deal with urgent enquiries and take instructions. We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver our services within a quick turnaround time while working with each client’s unique preferences and needs.

We are reachable by email, telephone, or any other acceptable means of communication. We aim to respond to client communications as soon as practicably possible and, in any event, within 24 hours.

Clients are regularly updated on the progress of their instructions through strong lines of communication, and we provide clients with a sufficient understanding of the intricacies of legal procedures that will be encountered in the process towards the desired or most suitable outcome.

Our lawyers and practice management team will communicate clearly and promptly regarding fees, costs, expected timescales, deadlines, proposed actions, progress reports, changes in circumstances, risks, and outcomes.

We trust that clients will make us aware of any specific deadlines or particular time constraints relating to their matter so that we can ensure that we work towards meeting those deadlines.

We constantly endeavour to work within a client’s requested time scale, however short that may be. In circumstances where a deadline cannot be met, the client will be informed at the earliest opportunity.

We expect that our attorney-client relationship will be founded on mutual confidence and unrestrained communication, which will grant us all the relevant information to facilitate the proper representation of clients.

We are happy to attend client conferences at a location of the client’s choice. If this involves an additional cost, the basis of the charge will be communicated when the meeting is booked. Our premises at Labone are equipped with video conferencing technology, and as such, we can offer this facility to our clients.


We welcome instructions from lay clients and overseas lawyers, and we will acknowledge receipt of all instructions in writing after the payment of a consultation fee.

We are happy to find flexible ways to help our clients to draw on the expertise they need to achieve the best possible outcome in any matter or dispute. This includes acting as co-counsel with lawyers and collaborating with law firms worldwide.

Once we are satisfied that we are competent and have the adequate resources to conduct a case, we will allocate a legal brief to a lawyer and provide terms of engagement for the commencement of work.

Legal Fees

Zoe, Akyea & Co. is committed to providing a high standard of service and advice at flexible and competitive rates.

Due to the varied nature of our clients and their needs, we maintain a highly flexible fee scheme. Based on what is most appropriate for the case and cost-effective for the client, we may propose retainer services, fixed fees, hourly billing, contingent fees, or offer other suitable payment schemes. We ensure that our clients are fully aware of the different fee options, the likely costs and charges and the basis of such charges.

The basis on which fees are to be charged shall be agreed upon in a transparent manner between the client and the Firm in advance of the work being performed and detailed in written terms of engagement.

Unless otherwise agreed, we shall periodically advise our clients concerning accumulated fees and costs, and we will notify you of any proposed increase in fees.

The basis upon which fees are charged will take into consideration several factors, including but not limited to the following:

  • Seniority and experience of counsel required.
  • Estimated time taken to complete the work.
  • Length of case and commitment required.
  • Complexity, seriousness, urgency, and value of the case.
  • Expenses incurred, including travel and administrative costs.
  • The need for third-party intervention.
  • Our client’s budget or financial constraints.


We request that our fees be settled within the timescale prescribed in our terms of engagement and accompanying quotation.

All our legal fees are based on the Ghana Bar Association Scale of Fees and are exclusive of statutory taxes.

Feedback and Complaints

We constantly strive to improve our service offerings and the value we provide. Zoe, Akyea & Co. values feedback in relation to the quality of the legal work and the levels of service we offer.

At the end of any engagement, we undertake regular client service reviews with clients either in person, by telephone or by email, as it enables us to continuously improve, innovate and add value to our systems, approaches, and the overall client experience.

If you would like to provide feedback concerning our performance and your client experience, please get in touch with us at

We welcome your thoughts and promise a speedy response from our leaders.

We aim to provide the highest possible standards regarding all aspects of our service. If you have any cause for complaint, the Firm has procedures in place to ensure that complaints are promptly dealt with and given proper attention and an appropriate resolution.

Should you have cause to complain, please click on the button below to access the   procedure for compliments.

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